Animal Rescue Volunteers, Inc. is a
non-profit organization that began in 1994.
We are all volunteers who love animals and
wish to make a difference by helping end the
pet overpopulation problem and
rescuing abandoned animals.
We are a well respected, long-standing
organization that provides this service to the
Simi Valley Community as well as Ventura
and Los Angeles County areas.

We seek to decrease animal overpopulation
by expanding our pet spay/neuter program,
develop and distribute marketing materials
that will encourage others to foster our
deserving animals,
Educate grammar school children to
understand animal behavior and know the
responsibilities of having a pet, and
ultimately to obtain a facility
so we can rescue more animals
that have been left at our local animal shelters
AnimalSave is in the process of building
Nevada County's first no-kill shelter, ensuring
that no adoptable homeless pet
will be killed for lack of space.
This project will make a permanent impact in
Nevada County and will serve as a model for
other rural communities.

AnimalSave exists to end the needless killing
of adoptable/treatable companion animals and
to ensure their humane treatment by creating
a community pet adoption and
education center; rescuing, fostering, and
placing homeless animals; encouraging
spay/neuter; bringing animals and
people together to enrich each others' lives;
and promoting the concept that every
companion animal deserves respect,
as well as a loving home
Arme's mission is to eliminate
the suffering of animals.
This goal will be achieved through rescue of
homeless animals and through educating the
public of the vast extent of suffering
animals endure in our society.
Through its actions and words, ARME will
advance the freedom of all animals
I founded B.A.R.K. in 1991 while I was
between careers and doing volunteer work
with Corgi Rescue. Most of my time was
spent in one of the large LA County animal
shelters, not a pleasant or hopeful place.
After a very short time I realized the dire
situation of the pet population in Los Angeles.
That was when I formed B.A.R.K., became a
non-profit, and really started rescuing big
time!  The city and county of Los Angeles
each have five overflowing shelters, full of
abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs -
animals who used to be someone's pets.
Most are sweet, and sadly, most are
Since DAWG's inception in 1991, we have
worked hard to bring out the best in our
dogs and improve the quality of life for them
during their stay at the shelter. What
happens to these dogs? With the support of
the community, DAWG volunteers provide
a safe and loving environment for our dogs
awaiting permanent adoption and promote
adoption through outreach programs.
Most of the dogs in our care come from
the county's shelters.DAWG's goal is to
reduce the rate of euthanasia in the county's
shelter by providing the medical care and
training many dogs need
for a second chance at life.
In 1952, a small group of Redding people
realized that the humane care of lost,
homeless and abused animals would never
come to pass if left solely to the public
resources of city and county agencies.
Competition for public tax dollars and only
limited appreciation for the principle of
humane animal care at the time forced any
possible improvement in the situation to the
very bottom of the local government
priority list. Even today, some 50 years
later, vital animal shelter work is seldom
adequately funded through tax revenues.
Through careful planning and day-to-day
hard work Haven Humane Society has
earned community respect and risen to a
high service profile recognized throughout
Shasta and surrounding counties.
The Humane Society of Stanislaus County
was formed to address the needs of
neglected, abandoned and abused
companion animals within
Stanislaus County.
Our Mission is to educate the public about
humane practices, spaying and neutering
of pets, and provide a safe, healthy shelter
environment, adoption services and
medical care whenever possible to the
companion animals in our community.
Karma Rescue takes death row dogs
from the shelters, provides them with a
second chance, by rehabilitating and
placing them into safe and loving homes.  
Karma Rescue is a non-profit 501c3,
tax deductible, organization.
We are an independent, nonprofit
organization made up of community
members dedicated to the safety and
humane treatment of animals.
We have no animal shelter but we work in
cooperation with Lassen County, the City
of Susanville and with foster families.
Our focus is to educate the community on
problems contributing to the continuing
cycle of pet overpopulation causing the
euthanasia of hundreds of animals a year in
our community. We emphasize the
importance of spaying and neutering and
raise funds to help cover the complete cost
of this. We attempt to find permanent
homes for dogs and cats in need.
Living Free is a non profit, no kill animal
sanctuary that saves, rehabilitates and finds
qualified homes for Cats and Dogs facing
imminent shelter euthanasia. Companion
animals live out their lives with dignity on
our 153 acre mountain site if a suitable
home is not found. We also escort Cats and
Dogs to residential convalescent facilities
and teach youngsters and adults to
understand, respect and value animals.
The Loved Pug Rescue's purpose is to
rescue any homeless, abused, stray,
surrendered, unwanted pug in the Los
Angeles county area. We are a non profit,
tax excempt 501(c)3, strictly volunteer run
rescue organization. Our Rescued Pugs
live in loving foster homes until the perfect
home is found for them. Our main goal is
to make sure that every pug has a safe,
loving, and permanent home to live out the
rest of their lives.
PAL Humane Society is a 501 (c)(3)
animal welfare organization. Our Mission:
Prevention of cruelty to animals by any
reasonable means. Reducing the severe pet
overpopulation in our local communities
through education and the spaying and
neutering of companion animals.
Providing love and health care to all
animals entrusted to us until
permanent,loving homes are found.
Instilling respect for and appreciation
of all living things.
The Dawg Squad is an all-volunteer
animal rescue working in the Los Angeles
area. We rescue at-risk animals focusing on
homeless and abandoned dogs providing
medical care, rehabilitation and loving foster
homes until a permanent, adoptive homes
can be found. All animals are spayed,
neutered and microchipped prior to
adoption. The Dawg Squad is an
all-volunteer organization. It has no paid
employees or salaried officers. We do not
have an expensive shelter facility; we foster
every animal in volunteers' homes or
approved kennels before finding homes.
Perfect Pet Rescue has many wonderful
dogs for adoption. Pure breeds, mixes,
small, medium, and large.
All our pets have been spayed or
neutered, vet checked, and all necessary
innoculations. An adoption application and
agreement is to be completed and
accepted before any animal leaves our
facility. There is a donation required,
we are a non-profit organization.
Spay and neuter assistance available.
Pet Haven Rescue is a non-profit
501 (c) 3 organization founded in 2004.
Pet Haven Rescue is an all-volunteer
organization. We do not have an "office",
nor do we have paid staff. All volunteers
have full-time jobs and spend their
evenings and weekends rescuing dogs
and cats from the animal shelters.
Our rescued pets are kept in our homes
as members of our families. Adoption
fees and donations are the sole support of
our all-volunteer, non-profit organization.
We are a 501c3 non-profit dog rescue
organization dedicated to rescuing,
rehabilitating and restoring dogs to loving
homes. We not only rescue dogs of all
breeds and mixes, we rehabilitate them with
love and bonding as if they were our very
own. We work hard to restore each dog to
a safe and loving home. No matter how long
that make take! We provide follow-up
assistance and support for the life of the
Click on the Rescue's Name for a Link to their Website!
We are an all-volunteer dedicated group
of people saving homeless and
abandoned dogs from euthanasia
in overcrowded
Los Angeles shelters.

We rescue the old, injured and
the over looked dogs at the shelter.
It takes a village.
Cuteodyssey Rescue is primarily a
Shih Tzu Rescue (although we do take other
breeds and mixes)
We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.
We love dogs and we love
to see them enhance a life.
Our goals are two-fold.
First, we want to save shelter dogs and
secondly, we want your life to be improved
by matching a wonderful dog to a safe,
loving and caring family. No one should
have to live without a furry little friend,
when there are so many of these little
munchkins needing loving homes.
Located in Los Angeles,
we're dedicated to rescuing dogs of all
shapes, sizes, breeds and ages
in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.
Our rescued dogs are from the streets,
shelters, foreclosures and
owner relinquished.
To date, our team of dedicated
animal lovers have saved
literally hundreds of dogs and we have
placed them all in loving forever homes..
Donations to our rescue contribute
to the food, lodging, toys and
general care for our abused and rescued
parrots as well as assisting us with the
overhead in order to publish non-fiction
books about our rescued parrots since
coming to live in our humble home.