Photo Submissions for the 2018 Calendar are:

C L O S E D 


2019 Submissions will be
April 1st – June 1st, 2018

  • Include dog’s name and name of the rescue group/shelter (if applicable)
  • Include a short happy ending story (what your dog has overcome or what his/her life is like now)
  • If your photo is included, you are entitled (but not obligated) to one calendar at cost price ($5) plus shipping
  • This is a charity fund raising tool: there is no pay for use of your image in the calendar

Always FREE to submit.
No limitations on how many pix you send!



If your photo was taken by a professional, please make sure he/she has given you permission to submit the image for print.  Once submitted, “For the Love of Rescues” assumes you are granting full permission for use of the image in this fund raising tool and in any promotions for the project and have authority to grant same.

What I’m Looking For: The Basics

  • Dogs who’ve been rescued and are in furever homes
    this is not a showcase for dogs still up for adoption
  • No humans in the photos
    nope, not even your kids
  • High quality digital pictures
    either 300 dpi, 12 inches or 500×500 pixels
  • Do NOT crop your photos, we’ll do that!
     send me the biggest raw copy of your pix
  • Do NOT try to enlarge a small photo
    if it wasn’t photographed large, the quality will suffer

What I’m Looking For: The Hints

  • Don’t try to pose your dog
    sit/stays or action shots are best
  • Consider the lighting
    best lighting is natural sun outdoors
  • Avoid “busy” or “messy” backgrounds
    Good: Flowers, grass, brick walls, fences, etc.
  • Be creative, be funny!
    capture your dog’s personality
  • Two or more dogs in a picture?
    make sure they are really close together

Other Suggestions 

  • Dogs wet from swimming or bathing
    The sillier the better!
  • Dogs muddy or misbehaving
    great caught-in-the-act shots!
  • Buddy/buddy with another animal
    Cats, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs, cows
  • On vacation or in an unusual setting
    beaches, camping, mountain tops, car trips
  • Action shots!
    running, jumping, playing with toys, etc.

The #1 reason pictures are rejected is the image is TOO SMALL!

Just because the image looks good on your computer or phone, doesn’t mean the quality is there to transfer to print.

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email me at:

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Ready to send in your pictures?

Attach the images to your email
Please no links to online photo albums and do not paste the image into the body of the email.
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Instead, compose a new email as you normally would and copy/paste this email address into your send-to:
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Does my dog qualify for the calendar?